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All wigs are custom-made and not premade. We individually color and construct each wig to your specifications. Please note that we do not offer premade wigs. Our processing time has been reduced to a maximum of two weeks. It is essential to ensure that you have selected the correct head size and wig style. While we strive to match the colors of our wigs to the provided pictures, there may be slight variations. This is especially true for reesecup and streaked units.Please be aware that all sales are final once you have completed the checkout process, and by doing so, you agree to all the terms and conditions of our company.Cherie Custom Units is not liable for any lost or stolen packages during transit unless mailing insurance is purchased.To proceed, please check the "Terms and Conditions" box and upload ID verification along with the credit card being used, showing only your first and last name along with the last four digits of the card. For virtual products, checking this box confirms that you are the customer and cardholder, authorizing the purchase and forfeiting any rights to dispute due to immediate electronic delivery post-purchase.I agree to the Terms and Conditions.
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